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ZF Aftermarket UK employee rewarded ‘Marshal of the Year 2023’

Date: Tuesday 12 March 2024

Steve Bemrose, a dedicated warehouse supervisor at ZF Aftermarket UK, has received the prestigious 'Marshal of the Year 2023' award by the BARC Marshals Core Group.

This recognition comes in light of Steve's remarkable act of providing critical life-saving medical care during a race meet accident.

Steve's quick thinking and decisive action proved instrumental in assisting the injured individual at the scene.

Despite his modesty, Bemrose recalled: "I remember running towards the scene of the incident – I wasn’t really thinking, other than, run, get there and deal with it. And then the training kicked in and I was able to assist the person in need."

Bemrose's passion for motorsport extends beyond his professional life. An avid enthusiast, he has been an active volunteer for numerous events since joining the British Motorsport Marshall Club in 2019.

Notably, he participated in the Grand Prix last year, showcasing his dedication and commitment to the sport.

With a commendable 17-year tenure at ZF Aftermarket, working at its centre of competence in Nottingham, Bemrose finds a perfect alignment between his job and his enthusiasm for motorsport.

He continued: "My job goes hand in hand with my passion for motorsport. It’s great because when I go to visit garages, I can see the ZF products in action, which is fantastic!"

Lee Knight, team manager, warehouse management, Nottingham, ZF Aftermarket, said: “As a long-serving member of the ZF family, it’s great to see Steve’s passion and enthusiasm for not just motorsport and the automotive industry, but also for helping others in need, be recognised and rewarded. Well done, Steve!”