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WAI launches portable power supply for on-the-go use

Date: Monday 01 November 2021

As more and more people look to electrics for transport and entertaining, such as bikes, scooters and garden equipment, WAI identified the need for a portable power supply to keep these items working while out and about, without having to be connected to a power socket.

WAI’s new Portable Power Supply is suitable for a variety of equipment including electric bikes, scooters, drones, laptops, mobile phones, lamps, photography equipment, power tools, small fish tanks and portable ventilators.

With staycations on the rise, WAI’s Portable Power Supply is the perfect opportunity for motor factors to upsell to its customers with add-ons.

The Portable Power Supply can be taken in the car, motorhome, camping or on picnics to give people peace of mind that their electric equipment will be able to be charged, conveniently.

WAI’s Portable Power Supply features an aluminium alloy shell material, light portable and stylish appearance, LED light for use at night, UPS function and is made from advanced manufacturing technology. There is an AC and DC output, two different voltage mode outputs to support the electronic products charging, AC electricity, and other aspects of electricity demand.

It also has a built-in large capacity lithium battery, total capacity 426.24WH,115200mAh, providing a steady stream of power for the load. It is also widely used as a backup emergency power supply for indoors and outdoors as it has 220V (110V) AC output,12V/5V DC output, with LED lighting and electricity display.

WAI Managing Director, Richard Welland said:

“Electronics are a huge part our everyday lives, so being able to charge these while on the move is essential. Our new Portable Power Supply has an incredible amount of power to charge a variety of equipment to offer a solution to everyone. And it’s also a great upselling opportunity for factors.”

For more information on WAI’s latest launch email or call: 01243 833 420.