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WAI discusses the latest trends in rotating electrics

Date: Friday 17 March 2023

“While the rotating electrics market is consistent in terms of seasonal trends, –alternator failures increase by 44 percent during winter – we are seeing a greater demand for products found on newer vehicles”, says WAI UK managing director, Richard Welland.

“On certain new makes and models, starter motor and alternator failure of the original part fitted to the vehicle is becoming more common and occurring earlier than previously. The units fitted to these vehicles are often smaller but the demands on such units are incredibly high.”

Welland continues:

“As a result, the pace in which we bring new parts to market has dramatically increased and as such our product development intensified. In the first two months of the year we have brought to market 70 new rotating electrics units to meet this demand.
“For example, we have introduced new alternator references for Dacia Sandero 2021> and Renault Clio 2020> and starter motors for Nissan Qashqai 2018>, Mazda 3 2014-19 and, Honda Civic X 2018>.
“We’re working closely with our distributors to ensure the parts they have available are working hard for them and meet the demands from garages, achieving our goal of being “First to Market” and ensuring the entire automotive aftermarket supply chain benefits.”

Tougher standards entering market
WAI has made great progress on its plan to achieve full compliance with the latest REACH standards, ensuring it meets its corporate responsibility as a sustainable manufacturer and supplier.

REACH is a European Regulation and stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH puts the responsibility of importers or manufacturers to submit safety data on over 30,000 substances used in everyday articles such as cars, textiles, electronics, paints, packaging, mobile phones or toys.

The overall aims of REACH are to provide a high level of protection of human health and the environment from the use of chemicals.

Rotating electrics built to last
WAI components are manufactured at the company’s Transpo Electronics plant to provide complete control over quality. Innovation and excellence are at the core of WAI’s design and engineering mindset, to ensure the company only produce the best alternators for the aftermarket.

WAI customers have experienced a 60 percent reduction in warranty returns versus their former remanufactured product offering from competitors. With 24-month warranty on all rotating electrics, WAI products will give technicians peace of mind and total customer satisfaction.