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Update from Lawgistics: Covid Fines

Date: Monday 21 June 2021

Hopefully, most members will have been able to keep on the right side of the law during this period of COVID restrictions. Lawgistics made it their goal to ensure that members were kept fully abreast of all the changes and how it affected them across the whole of the UK, where different rules were in play depending on which country you were in, and which tier you were in. Rules changed daily, and Lawgistics studied them and produced a briefing so that members did not have to.

If a business did fall foul of the authorities, but does not believe they should been fined, then there may be some good news. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) carried out a review of the fines handed out and found that over 30% of all fines given were rescinded upon appeal.

These were penalty notices handed out by the police for low level infractions and these fines did not need to be referred to the CPS.

It is hardly surprising that the fines were repealed. The law was set down by parliament and there was also the guidance to go with it, but these were not always complementary. As the guidance changed daily, and the legislation changed regularly, a change of tier could alter the legislation that applied to a business. During all of this, the police had to keep order and try to keep abreast of all the changes. It is surprising they did not make more mistakes.

If you have been fined and you are still within your time limit for appealing, then give Lawgistics a call and they will be able to offer advice.  IAAF members can find Lawgistics contact details in the secure area of the IAAF website.