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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

UK AFCAR submits extensive response on MVABEO

Date: Friday 03 March 2023

UK AFCAR has submitted an extensive response to the CMA’s MVABEO consultation.

The response has been submitted by Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) who are members of UK AFCAR and act as the secretariat.

The MVBEO response comprises two documents.

  1. A revised copy of the draft MVABEO with all our proposed revisions. These revisions include some new definitions which we feel should be in the MV-BEO for the purposes of legal clarity. If this is not possible, we consider, as a minimum, that they should be included in the guidelines.
  2. A comments document that is in two parts. The first part covers the explanation and details of our proposed revisions. The second part shows some proposed text to be included in the guidelines.

The effective implementation of the MVABEO will require revised and updated guidelines, as well as needing further supporting technical requirements in vehicle type approval secondary legislation (as is the case today).

UK AFCAR is an alliance of industry associations and organisations who share a mutual view of the UK Aftermarket and the support of consumer choice and affordable mobility. The members are: The ABP (Association of Bodyshop Professionals), the GEA (Garage Equipment Association), the IAAF (Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation), the NTDA (National Tyre Distributors Association), UKLA (UK Lubricants Association). Commercial organisations include the AA, AAG (Alliance Automotive Group), Halfords, LKQ Euro Car Parts, Kwik-Fit and the RAC. A representative from the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) also attends meetings, on behalf of the Society’s aftermarket members.