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The Electro-Hydraulic Clutch Actuator available from Valeo

Date: Monday 18 July 2022

Valeo, in association with FTE Automotive, has introduced the OE electro-hydraulic clutch actuator (EHCA) for commercial vehicles in the Aftermarket!

The electro-hydraulic clutch actuator for trucks is the perfect replacement for the original actuator. Automated gear-changing systems for trucks are based on a conventional mechanical gearbox but eliminate the clutch pedal. The EHCA which was developed by FTE plays an important role in this. As a compact plug & play unit it takes the place of the master/slave cylinder and the clutch pedal. It automatically opens and closes the clutch.

The actuator replaces the clutch pedal and the driver no longer has to think about RPM and gear changes to obtain the optimum actuating torque. Electro-hydraulic controlling of the automated clutch enables highly precise manoeuvring and sensitive switching. Driving is made easier, especially in demanding driving situations, such as starting on a slope. Consequently, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are considerably lowered. Wearing of clutch and other drive system components also decreases, enabling a longer operating time of the entire vehicle. The electro-hydraulic controlling of the automated clutch is unique in this field and combines mechanics, hydraulics, sensors, and electronics in one unit. That doesn’t mean its complex to replace though! It comes prefilled with brake fluid, so it’s only necessary to mechanically re-engage the actuator and plug in the electrical connections.

The electronic control unit operates the actuator using CAN signals. Deviations from required operating values generate error codes. If these deviations are severe enough, a warning is flashed telling the driver to head for a repair shop. The problem is analysed there using a vehicle diagnostic system. If the actuator has to be replaced, it’s very easy to exchange the entire EHCA unit.

The EHCA offers the following advantages:

  • Superior to pneumatic systems: No clutch pedal, better fuel efficiency, lower CO2 emissions, and less work for the driver.
  • Designed for highly dynamic, precise clutch control in commercial vehicles.
  • Highly precise manoeuvring, easier docking, safer uphill driving.
  • Combines mechanical and hydraulic action with sensors and electronics.
  • Manufactured to the same high standards of quality as the original equipment. We have completely designed the actuator and developed its electronics and software, and also produces its aluminium and rubber parts.

The electro-hydraulic actuator is available now as an OE spare part through Valeo Service. The EHCA can be found on a variety of Scania vehicles such as the Scania P-/G-/R-/T-Series E-GRS 895, Scania Bus 4-/F-/K-/N-Series, F-/K-/N-Series E-GRS 895 and the Scania L-/P-/G-/R-/S-Series.

Information on the product is available in TecDoc in both FTE and Valeo part numbers. For additional information visit