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The Drift King returns to Cyprus!

Date: Thursday 19 October 2023

After a very successful racing season, our Alco Filters drift driver, George Christoforou “Ela Koko”, is returning to Cyprus for the final race of the Drift Kings International Championship 2023 that will be held in Achna Speedway.

George has competed all over Europe with his high-performance BMW 1M utilising our very own Alco Filters, showcasing the reliability of our product in the demanding races.

“We have had great success in our European season so far thanks to my team and sponsors and I can’t wait to come to my home country and represent them in this very important final!” said George.

The finals will be on the 20-22 of October in front of thousand of fans watching from the grandstands and Cytavision live coverage.

Good luck ElaKoko!🍀✌🏻