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The changing face of job adverts: Glen Callum Associates advises on best practice to seek top talent

Date: Thursday 07 September 2023

Glen Callum Associates (GCA) is advising businesses on best practice when creating job adverts to help them better appeal to candidates amid the rising cost-of-living crisis.

With the recruitment specialist celebrating its 25th anniversary in October 2023, Glen Callum Associates urges aftermarket companies to embrace change and switch up their job adverts according to the latest data found by recent Total Jobs study[1], surveying 5,000 UK workers and 21 million job adverts.

Salary is proving high on the list of priorities for candidates, with the study revealing that a third of workers are looking to change jobs for a higher salary.

And with 70 percent of workers worried about salary, GCA is advising that ‘good pay goes a long way.’

Kayleigh Bradley, senior recruitment consultant at GCA, said:

“Job adverts have certainly evolved over the last 25 years from the humble job listing in a trade magazine or media outlet. There are so many more platforms to communicate upcoming job opportunities in 2023. However, one thing that companies do need to consider is what information they include and how to maximise the content.
“Salary has always been a top consideration for candidates, and this remains the case today. However, it’s important that companies regularly benchmark salaries to stay competitive, as well as considering pay rises to retain top talent.”

Four out of five respondents said a pay increase would increase their loyalty, and with salaries growing 4.2 percent on average in 2021 – 2022, it’s important that companies communicate this.

Of those open to changing jobs, 14 percent expect a pay rise, while 62 percent would overlook a job advert without a salary and 58 percent of jobseekers prefer adverts that list all of the benefits, highlighting the impact of salary transparency.

However, if increasing or advertising a salary is not an option, all is not lost, says GCA.

The survey revealed that two in five workers are happy to skip a pay rise to obtain their most desired benefits, which include flexible hours, bonuses, extra holiday and a generous pension.

Benefits that are currently popular also include household bill support, electric car schemes, an instant wage access, a four-day week and a work-from-home allowance.

Although employee engagement is 55 percent driven by non-financial benefits, only a third of job adverts talk about benefits.

Bradley continues:

“While salary is important in today’s job market, particularly with the cost-of-living crisis governing people’s lifestyles, it’s not necessarily the be all and end all.
“Think outside the box and review and improve your benefits package, leveraging bonuses, one-off payments and overtime. Advertise parental leave, extra holiday for birthdays, progression opportunities and healthcare packages. Define clearly what flexibility means to your company.
“And most importantly, don’t forget to shout about this in your job adverts. Don’t beat around the bush; be clear about how your benefits can improve people’s lives.”

Glen Callum Associates has 25 years’ experience supporting the automotive aftermarket with their recruitment requirements. For more information on how to structure a job advert, visit