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TechMan offers five top tips for improving garage efficiency

Date: Friday 02 December 2022

Leading garage management system, TechMan, has revealed its top five tips for garages to improve efficiency and grow their business.

Terry Dorney, Managing Director at TechMan explains:

“As a garage owner, improving garage efficiency should be one of the most important business goals. By slim-lining processes, they can ensure that they get maximum output and amplify customer service levels.”

As technology advances, there are many strategic methods and tools that can help improve labour efficiency, including investing in a garage management system. Not only will this investment enhance service labour efficiency, it will also increase the overall efficiency of all activities at all levels of the business, says TechMan.

Dorney adds:

“A good garage management system should help garages effectively manage all employees’ jobs, holidays, work hours, performance reports and more.”

Regular training and refreshers, with regard to all minor and major aspects of the job, can also help technicians perform better. Plus, by allocating the right job to the right technician with the right skill set can help get the job done faster.

Rewards, bonuses, incentives, promotions and other opportunities to grow are other beneficial tactics to help enhance labour productivity. Recognising the hard work of employees and then providing them with the right rewards is key in helping to promote teamwork and drive all staff to achieve more.

TechMan’s garage management system provides workshops with individual employee performance reports, allowing garage owners to track details.

TechMan recognises that asking staff members to stay back longer because the workload has increased can severely demotivate employees and reduce garage efficiency. Instead, using a garage management system can help garages and workshops better manage technicians time – meaning they can get more done in less time.

Finally, TechMan is pointing to the benefits that comes with a clean, organised work environment. Dorney says:

“Keeping the workshop clean and tidy always provide greater productivity compared to a dull and chaotic workspace. By providing sufficient time for breaks, positive attitudes and employee improvement schemes workshops can help to improve overall garage efficiency.”

TechMan has years of experience with its own garage and developing software for workshops, meaning all features of TechMan are some of the best features to help garage businesses achieve optimum performance.

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