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TecAlliance’s Peter Hollowood retires

Date: Friday 31 July 2020

Peter Hollowood from TecAlliance has taken well-earned retirement following an illustrious career in the automotive industry.

Peter had worked for TecAlliance for more than 20 years, having previously ran his own parts distribution business in Cheshire, prior to which he held sales roles at CCI Triad (now Epicor).

In his two decades with TecAlliance, Peter oversaw the introduction of the Order Manager (formerly TecCom) service into the UK Market. Twenty years ago, telesales and faxed ordering were commonplace, order processing was manual and strewn with error, while only a handful of the largest traders in the market could even consider electronic data interchange (EDI).

Peter’s efforts to drive the sector toward cost effective, integrated e-commerce changed the landscape of trading in the independent automotive aftermarket.

Since 2006, when TecAlliance and Fourth (eparts) entered into the PACT joint marketing venture, Peter and Mark Rudge have worked together to promote their united service, unique to the UK aftermarket.

PACT has since been embraced by all of the market’s major suppliers and buyers, along with the leading software vendors in the industry, to the point where it is now widely regarded as the market standard for electronic trading.

In retirement, Peter is looking forward to golf, exercise and lots of time spent with his four young grandchildren.

Mark Rudge is set to take up the mantle on an ongoing basis, assuming responsibility for TecAlliance Order Manager in the UK and Ireland, alongside his existing remit as eparts Director at Fourth.

Mark said:

“I have very mixed feelings about Peter hanging up his boots. On the one hand I’m happy for him personally and he has definitely earned it, but on the other it will be strange not having him around. I’ve been doing this for 17 years and Peter has always been there – initially as a competitor, then as a business partner, then as a friend. I’ll be working to do Peter proud by consolidating our position in the market and taking good care of the business we built together. Peter can be rightfully proud of his achievements in connecting the automotive aftermarket.”