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Summer months bring new pressures on tyres, Ring Automotive warns

Date: Friday 29 July 2022

Ring Automotive has reiterated the need to look after tyres, following research by road safety charity TyreSafe revealing that more tyre-related incidents are reported in summer than at any other time of the year.

With longer journeys to holiday destinations across the UK and Europe, plus heavier loads with passengers and luggage onboard the car, drivers are being reminded to check their tyre pressures and tyre condition before setting off.

Henry Bisson, marketing director at Ring, said:

“The TyreSafe charity research reveals that there’s an alarming rate of tyre failure-related incidents on UK roads particularly in the summer months. It’s imperative, therefore, that drivers are making the necessary checks ahead of travelling such as correctly inflating the tyres and adapting for the expected load.”

Ring has a large range of at-home digital tyre inflators so tyre pressures can be checked quickly and easily without the need to travel to the nearest garage or forecourt – saving consumers time and money, and giving motorists peace of mind before setting off on longer journeys.

“The best practice is inflating at home with a portable tyre inflator before setting off. The range of Ring inflators is a clever investment to keep tyres in optimum condition ahead of longer trips, and avoid holiday-wrecking tyre failures en route,” Bisson comments.

Stuart Jackson, chair of TyreSafe, said:

“Britain’s roads are never busier than during the summer months, which leads to congestion, hold-ups and traffic jams, which we can’t do anything about. But we can minimise the chances of having an unwanted stop due to tyre defects by carrying out checks before we set off. They only take a few minutes.
“Remember to ACT – air pressure, condition and tread. Don’t let your tyres ruin your summer holiday.”

Ring’s award winning RTC tyre inflator range includes the RTC450, packed with features such as auto stop, a digital display, light, and wind-up cable or the versatile, battery-operated cordless RTC2000, that can be used for cars and bikes. The rechargeable lithium battery can be used as a portable power bank for charging mobile devices.

For more information on Ring’s tyre care product range, visit: