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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Solera joins IAAF, as it continues to pave the way for next-generation vehicle solutions

Date: Thursday 11 April 2024

Solera Inc, a pioneer in software and hardware solutions for vehicles, is the latest member of the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF), reinforcing its commitment to driving innovation and progress in the automotive aftermarket.

​Solera's fleet solutions leverage the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and visual intelligence (VI) technologies, offering a prime opportunity for parts and systems distributors to enter the realm of selling SaaS solutions.

​Jog Lall, business development director at Solera, said: "Solera already has a good presence across the global aftermarket with Autodata and Qapter (Audatex) Claims Management Software.

​"As the smart electronic content continues to increase on vehicles, coupled with electric power for propulsion, the aftermarket is now preparing itself to sell the next generation of products and services. We haven’t seen such a big change since the move from carburettor vehicles to electric fuel injection (EFI) vehicles 25 years ago.”

​Solera is ready to help members make this transition, offering products that utilise the latest AI and VI workflows. From purchase, to repair, to salvage, Solera uses data-driven intelligence and AI to power its solutions.

​Data is collected at every touchpoint of the vehicle lifecycle to streamline processes and provide answers instantly, accelerating business outcomes for dealers, insurers, repairers, and fleets.

Lall added: "Some companies will talk about AI, some companies will watch AI happen, and others will be part of the AI revolution. We are the enablers, and we are excited to share our expertise with members so we can move forward together as an industry."

​Mark Field, chief executive at IAAF, said: "It’s important that we keep moving forward and adapt to the evolving landscape of vehicle technology. Solera’s innovative solutions and commitment to advancing the automotive aftermarket are evident and we look forward to collaborating with the team to drive positive change and innovation in the industry."