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Shaftec surpasses charity goals for Zoe’s Place baby hospice

Date: Friday 08 March 2024

Across 2023, Birmingham-based remanufacturer Shaftec embarked on a mission to raise money for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice, Coventry, a charity that cares for babies and young children with life-limiting or life-threatening illnesses. With an initial fundraising target set at £3,300 – the cost of running the hospice for just one day – the company not only achieved but exceeded all expectations, amassing a staggering total of £8,705.34 for this noble cause.

The success story behind this impressive feat lies in Shaftec’s diverse and spirited fundraising activities that rallied the support of employees, suppliers, and the community alike.

About Zoe’s Place

Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice provides essential assistance to infants and toddlers facing intricate health conditions or disabilities from birth until the age of five. The charity’s primary aim is to guarantee an optimal quality of life for severely ill children, while at the same time extending unwavering support to their families throughout their challenging journey.

Operating from three locations in Coventry, Liverpool, and Middlesbrough, the children's hospices are dedicated to offering respite, palliative, and end-of-life care to young ones. Zoe’s Place’s comprehensive services also encompass holistic support for the entire family unit. Through a diverse array of engaging play therapies and enjoyable activities, their team of specialised professionals collaborate tirelessly to ensure that every moment of childhood is meaningful and cherished.

Events that made a difference

Shaftec’s team members embraced daring challenges as they participated in events that not only raised funds, but also inspired admiration for their courage. The Snowdon Sunrise Challenge, The Starley Sportive Cycling Event, Tandem Skydive, and the exhilarating Wing Walk particularly captured the essence of pushing boundaries for a charitable cause.

Luke Hopkins and Adrian Kitchen joined well over 100 other walkers from across the country to take on the Snowdon Sunrise Challenge, raising £945 for the hospice. The Tandem Skydive involved George Drennan falling around 9,000ft at speeds of up to 120mph; George managed to raise £1,000 for his endeavours. And last but not least, Steve Healy and Mitesh Thanki took part in a Wing Walk, standing up and strapped to the top of a 1940s Boeing Stearman biplane, reaching speeds of up to 110mph! This feat led to them raising £1,721 for Zoe’s Place.

In-house initiatives: fostering engagement and support

Beyond external events, Shaftec has fostered a culture of giving within its walls. The company introduced inventive in-house initiatives that not only raised funds but also encouraged participation and camaraderie among employees, including a weekly Lottery Bonus Ball, with the same amount of winnings also going to Zoe’s Place.

The company’s unique Reman and Return service provides Shaftec with an opportunity to add a donation. For every unit that is remanufactured, £1 has also been donated to Zoe’s Place. This pledge has demonstrated the company's commitment to intertwining business operations with charitable endeavours.

The company’s support extended to simple yet impactful initiatives like colleague lunches and festive celebrations, where employees came together, shared meals, and contributed to the fundraising pot, fostering a sense of community spirit while supporting a noble cause.

Additional support and collaborative efforts

Shaftec’s dedication to the cause was further amplified by the unwavering support received from suppliers. Their donations played a crucial role in augmenting the fundraising efforts, showcasing the power of collaboration for a shared philanthropic goal.

Furthermore, Shaftec’s participation in The Big Give Initiative stands as a testament to the company’s commitment. The Big Give Initiative’s additional payment towards this cause underscores their dedication to going above and beyond to support Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice.

Shaftec Marketing Manager Adrian Kitchen said: “As the curtains have now drawn on 2023, Shaftec’s astounding efforts not only provided crucial financial aid to Zoe’s Place but also echoed a message of hope, unity, and compassion across the team. We are proud to do what we can to help such a noble cause, and our fundraising journey stands as a shining example of the incredible heights that can be reached when a community rallies together for a meaningful goal. On the back of the success of 2023, we have set ourselves a new target for 2024 of £6,600.”