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Shaftec brings in new year with further brake calipers added to range

Date: Tuesday 23 January 2024

As we begin 2024, Shaftec has introduced a further 30 remanufactured brake calipers and one propshaft to its product portfolio.

The recent expansion of the company’s product range follows the announcement of Shaftec adding 15 more brake calipers to its range. Shaftec also achieved the top position in the UK market for not only calipers, boasting an impressive 96.65% vehicle parc coverage, but also encompasses all product categories, including transmission, steering, and braking.

Key caliper applications of the range extension include parts to fit vehicles including the Mercedes-Benz A-Class (2012-2018), Audi Q7 (2015-present), Renault Clio IV (2015-present), and the BMW Z4 Roadster (2009-2016). The singular propshaft is for the Ford Transit V363 Van (2013-present).

Shaftec Marketing Manager Adrian Kitchen said: "At Shaftec, we try our best to swiftly bring new parts to the market, all while keeping the price as fair as possible. This approach allows customers to efficiently carry out their tasks with confidence, passing on the savings to foster repeat business.

“Our remanufactured brake calipers undergo a meticulous process to deliver components that match the quality of new ones. Rigorously tested and designed to perform flawlessly throughout the part's lifetime, each Shaftec branded brake caliper undergoes a comprehensive refurbishment. Starting from the original casting, we inspect every unit to eliminate defects, and then, with precision and care, we refurbish and hand-assemble them using brand-new components."

Since 2007, Shaftec has been at the forefront of remanufacturing brake calipers, experiencing remarkable business growth. A recently appointed TecDoc Premier Data supplier, Shaftec proudly presents an extensive caliper program with over 5,300 part numbers. Operating from a modern production facility in the West Midlands, Shaftec’s comprehensive program includes both new and remanufactured parts, featuring painted calipers and Electric Parking Brake (ECB) calipers.Top of Form

Here are some signs that your brake calipers might need changing:

  • Reduced stopping power: If you notice that your vehicle is taking longer to stop than usual
  • Pulling to one side: Your brake caliper might be seized if the car pulls to one side while braking
  • A sticking caliper could cause the brake pads to wear unevenly
  • A stuck caliper could cause a grinding noise when braking
  • And last but certainly not least, damaged caliper seals can cause the vehicle to leak brake fluid which can be dangerous

Shaftec always recommends that if drivers notice any changes in the driving or handling of their cars, they seek the advice of an expert.