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Servant Leadership: A next level approach to creating a culture of success

Date: Friday 02 December 2022

The best work relationships are partnerships. In this webinar, leadership coach Roberto Dal Corso shares key leadership concepts. You’ll discover that servant leadership is a journey that includes both a mindset and a skillset.

The best work relationships are partnerships. They require collaboration between both the leader and the direct report regarding communication, workstyle, feedback, and support. In this webinar you’ll discover that servant leadership is both a professional and personal journey requiring a mindset and skillset.

The most effective leaders recognize that leadership is not about them and that they are only as good as the people they lead.

Participants will learn.

  • What is servant leadership?
  • What are three essential mindsets of a servant leader?
  • What are three essential behaviours of a servant leader?
  • Servant leadership applied to organizational performance.

When team members believe their leader has their best interest at heart, the result is Improved Collaboration, Accelerated Learning and Development, Talent Retention, and Increased Innovation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover time-tested principles that will help you-and the leaders in your organization-make a difference in the lives of those they influence.

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