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Ring reveals new bulb marketing material and catalogue

Date: Tuesday 14 March 2023

Ring has updated its industry leading technical bulb catalogue and bulb wall charts with new references and updates to product ranges to give motor factors and mechanics the latest bulb information.

To ensure that customers are always kept up to date on the vast range Ring bulbs for the aftermarket, including 12V and 24V standard bulbs and award winning upgrades such as Xenon200, Ring has recently released three new pieces of marketing material:

  • Ring Technical Bulb Catalogue (reference CAT1688)
  • Ring 6V/12V Auto Bulb Wall Chart (reference CAT1689)
  • Ring 24V Auto Bulb Wall Chart (reference CAT1713)

Printed copies are available on request and are helpfully available to download as well:

Ring Technical Bulb Catalogue (CAT1688)
Ring 6V/12V Auto Bulb Wall Chart (CAT1689)
Ring 24V Auto Bulb Wall Chart (CAT1713)