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Reducing fleet downtime key as businesses look for cost-savings, say TerraClean

Date: Tuesday 14 March 2023

Decarbonising treatments are being increasingly used to prevent issues that cause fleet downtime, saving costs associated with loss of service time when vehicles are off the road, says engine and DPF cleaning specialist TerraClean.

With some key fleets aging, as new service vehicles face build delays due to the ongoing shortage of microchips, compounded by lengthy delivery lead times, fleet managers are looking to prevent issues from developing into something that takes vehicles off road.

TerraClean is now being called on as a preventative measure to nip minor issues in the bud before they progress into something worse, and keep key fleets on the road for longer, such as emergency vehicles, courier services, and mobile trades.

Phil Dowd, managing director at TerraClean distributor Randstad, said:

"With fewer new vehicles coming through at the moment due to delivery and build delays, and the average age of fleets increasing, measures need to be taken to maintain the condition of vehicles currently in service, much of which kept the country moving during the early stages of the Covid pandemic.
“We’re finding that due to this issue, combined with the current economic climate, garages and fleets are futureproofing by taking out a TerraClean treatment on their vehicles, optimising total cost of ownership (TCO). This can potentially avoid inflated repair and servicing costs associated with a bigger issue but also prevent the vehicle being off the road.”

The TerraClean process involves using an ultra-highly refined fuel that engines run on via one of its specifically tuned cleaning machines to remove carbon deposits and contaminants such as gums, tars and varnishes from injection systems.

By cleaning out a vehicle’s engine and injection system, improvements in fuel efficiency and reductions in carbon emissions can be delivered. In field-based, independently verified tests, 95 percent of motorists surveyed noticed a positive difference in how their car performed following a TerraClean treatment, and 80 percent reported their engines running quieter1.

Demand is increasing across TerraClean’s thriving network of DPF cleaning and engine decarbonising specialists, which saw its numbers grow to more than 500 locations throughout UK and Ireland in 2022.

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1 Tests conducted in 2018 by sample of motorists, carried out by TerraClean approved service centres and overseen by automotive academic Sean Galvin, senior lecturer in automotive engineering at Derby University