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OSRAM releases NIGHT BREAKER® 200 counter display

Date: Monday 09 October 2023

Renowned lighting specialist, OSRAM, has launched a new counter display for its highly regarded and popular NIGHT BREAKER 200 range.

OSRAM’s NIGHT BREAKER 200 is its brightest halogen bulb, with up to 200% more light on the road and up to 150 metre long beam. This product is one of the bestselling bulbs in OSRAM’s upgrade portfolio and widely regarded in the industry, especially as it was recently recognised in Auto Express’s 2023 Product Awards.

However, to further assist factors in their businesses, OSRAM has introduced a new counter display for its NIGHT BREAKER 200 range, which will encourage impulse purchases and also gives factors a handy, space saving display for the bulb range.

The display comes with 10 duo packs of OSRAM’s newest NIGHT BREAKER 200 upgrade bulbs (seven H7s and three H4s) and is quick and easy to set up.

From now until 31st December 2023, this counter display, along with the 10 duo packs of NIGHT BREAKER 200, will be just £125.50 – meaning that factors can make an extra £353.48 profit if the bulbs are sold at RRP.

For more information on the full OSRAM range visit: