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OSRAM presents LEDriving® HL Vintage

Date: Monday 11 March 2024

OSRAM, the market leader in automotive lighting, is expanding its renowned series of LEDriving retrofit lamps with the addition of the new LEDriving HL Vintage, gives vintage cars a retro look using LED lights. 

With an increase in brightness of up to 300%, compared to the minimum requirements of ECE R112, OSRAM's LEDriving HL Vintage retrofit lamps provide not only optimal visibility but also optimised light distribution. These lamps consistently exhibit impeccable performance, even when integrated into older electrical circuits.

Featuring the latest LED technology and a compact design, the retrofit lamps guarantee high compatibility and easy installation in vehicles equipped with corresponding halogen lamp types. Drivers benefit from LED technology without concerns about elevated temperatures, harmful UV emissions, or compromising the aesthetic integrity of their classic automobiles. At the same time, these retrofit LEDs have reduced power consumption and significantly extended lifespans when compared to conventional halogen lamps.

The OSRAM LEDriving HL Vintage is available now for H1, R2/H4/H19 and H7/H18 off-road only. 


          ·       Up to +300% more brightness

          ·       Multi-compatible smart reference ring

          ·       Perfect electric behavior even when installed on old electronics

          ·       Lower current absorption[2] and up to five times longer lifetime2

          ·       Warm White color temperature of 2,700 K

          ·       No UV emission and very low operation temperature

          ·       Premium ams OSRAM quality


          ·       Better visibility thanks to high lumen output: more light allows to see further and therefore react faster

          ·       Compact LED replacement for a wide range of conventional high and low beam lamps

          ·       Very stable light emission and higher durability due to LED technology

          ·       Reduced load on old electric cables

          ·       Precise halogen-like colour temperature creates a perfect stylish old‑fashioned look for your car

          ·       No damaging or further aging of old headlights

          ·       4-year guarantee[3]

[1] Compared to the minimum requirements of ECE R112

[2] Compared to halogen lamps

[3] For precise guarantee conditions please refer to