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Maverick Diagnostics hails Automotive 30% Club influence in refining gender-balanced recruitment strategy

Date: Wednesday 11 October 2023

Maverick Diagnostics has reaffirmed its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity within its organisation, by utilising the partnership created with Automotive 30% Club.

The recruitment process for a member of staff, Katie, was bolstered by the knowledge, experience and passion of Automotive 30% Club. This is a voluntary group of MDs and CEOs from the automotive industry, founded and spearheaded by Julia Muir, CEO of Gaia Innovation Ltd, dedicated to achieving a better gender balance within the sector.

Its mission is to ensure that at least 30% of leadership roles in member organisations are held by women by 2030. Maverick Diagnostics is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with this visionary group, with its MD, Andy Brooke, a proud member.

Andy revealed how the collaboration with Automotive 30% Club has transformed the way in which Maverick Diagnostics approaches recruitment, resulting in tangible and positive outcomes.

Here are some of the key areas where its guidance has made a significant impact – starting as early as creating a job specification.

Reimagined job descriptions: Automotive 30% Club’s insights led to a revamp of a job description; titles were adjusted to reflect positions as ‘customer support’ role, with a heightened focus on ‘soft skills’.

Lowered barriers: Understanding that women are less likely to apply if they don’t meet every qualification, we adjusted our job requirements to the minimum. This approach widened our talent pool and generated increased interest.

Inclusivity in language: Thanks to the guidance from the Automotive 30% Club, we adopted more gender-neutral and inclusive language in our job postings. This ensured that our language was welcoming to all potential candidates.

Transparency: Our job postings now include detailed information about salary and benefits, promoting transparency and helping candidates make informed decisions.

Katie said:

“I'm wholeheartedly grateful to the Maverick team for offering me the chance to explore such a unique experience, to aid customers and enjoy a close-knit bond with them.
“The challenge of learning about car brands, diagnostic tools and software is one I embraced, while the wonderful and caring team behind Maverick meant it felt like home immediately. I would recommend Maverick Diagnostics to anyone that has a passion for cars, customer service and teamwork.”

Andy added:

“We extend our gratitude to Automotive 30% Club for its invaluable guidance and support. The addition to our technical support team signified a major step towards a more gender-balanced automotive industry. We are eager to continue our partnership with the Automotive 30% Club, as we work together to drive positive change in our industry.
“At Maverick Diagnostics, we remain dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and innovation within our business.”

Automotive 30% Club Founder, Julia Muir, said:

“It's fabulous to see the evidence from Maverick Diagnostics that taking a fresh look at recruitment processes leads to selecting the best person for the job and the organisation from a much bigger and higher calibre candidate pool.
“Greater transparency of the package and authenticity regarding the critical job criteria are important to reduce the risk for the applicant, enabling their application to be fully informed. Traditional recruitment processes are at the core of the skills deficit we face and why certain groups are significantly and unfairly underrepresented in the automotive sector, so congratulations to Andy Brooke, Laura Hall and the team at Maverick Diagnostics for taking swift action to change this.”

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