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Maverick Diagnostics elevates workshop capabilities with advanced Dealer Tool Support

Date: Tuesday 20 February 2024

Maverick Diagnostics, a leading provider in automotive diagnostic solutions, is supporting aftermarket workshops with its Dealer Tool Support program.

This comprehensive subscription service equips automotive professionals with the necessary tools, software updates, and expert guidance to enhance efficiency, profitability, and service quality.   

In an industry where staying ahead of the curve is paramount, Maverick Diagnostics recognises the challenges faced by automotive professionals in optimising the functionality of every dealer tool: with Maverick Diagnostics’ Dealer Tool Support, workshops can now unlock their full capabilities.

Key features of Dealer Tool Support from the Maverick helpdesk:

Expert guidance: Access remote assistance and a dedicated helpline for expert troubleshooting, ensuring swift resolution of technical issues.

Automated software updates: Fully tested and automated OEM software updates, keeping equipment aligned with the latest advancements from VMs.

Quick, friendly and experienced assistance: Benefit from a team of seasoned support technicians available during business hours, ready to address queries promptly.

Experienced troubleshooting: Maverick Diagnostics’ support team offers comprehensive assistance, from registration to complex programming issues, ensuring workshops remain operational without interruptions.

Trusted by workshops nationwide

Dara Beck, a vehicle technician from Arwyns Garage, is one of the thousands of satisfied customers, maximising the potential of Maverick Diagnostics’ OEM tools – he said: “We've been with Maverick Diagnostics since late 2018, and the team have been very helpful in setting up our OEM tools and licensing.

“We upgraded to cover more VMs. Maverick Diagnostics can ‘remote in’ and assist us with a vehicle where we can work in another vehicle, which saves us time and money.

“Due to advancing vehicle technology, OEM tools are integral for aftermarket professionals. I highly recommend Maverick Diagnostics, as its products and services have been very beneficial for our garage.”

Workshops owners can choose from a menu of flexible pricing options tailored to their needs, starting from as low as £95 per month, ensuring access to high-quality support without breaking the bank.

Helpfully, workshop owners can calculate their return on investment, thanks to Maverick Diagnostics’ ROI calculator. This, along with more information and case studies, can be found at     

Discover more about how Maverick Diagnostics is driving the future of automotive diagnostics at