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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

MAHLE Aftermarket unveils streamlined marketing portal

Date: Friday 23 February 2024

The new UK MAHLE Webshop presents an excellent array of merchandise and user-friendly experience for browsing and purchasing clothing and point of sale of MAHLE branded items.

This includes apparel, accessories, and collectibles, such as beanies, cups, pens, notebooks, water bottles promotional snack boxes, air fresheners and workshop clothing, all adorned with the iconic MAHLE logo.

The new platform is a testament to MAHLE's commitment to empowering customers, facilitating their sales and marketing efforts to better represent the MAHLE brand in the market.

Jason Smith, Sales and Marketing Manager for MAHLE Aftermarket, comments: "This webshop is a key part of our strategy to support our customers' success. Offering easy access to a wealth of branded materials, we're enabling our customers to enhance their visibility and sales. It's an essential tool for any of our customers looking to stand out in a competitive landscape."

Detailed information on the official launch and access instructions will be shared soon.

The new UK MAHLE Webshop can be found at and we encourage all our customers to contact their local RSM to find our more and obtain log in details.