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LKQ branding transformation continues with new website and newsroom launch for LKQ Europe

Date: Friday 09 September 2022

LKQ Europe continues to strengthen its position as a global and innovative leader in the European automotive aftermarket by taking the next step in reinventing its corporate identity and brand design. Today, LKQ officially launched LKQ Europe’s new corporate website, setting new brand design standards in the industry.

New LKQ Europe website
For the first time since LKQ’s entry into the European market back in 2011, LKQ Europe provides an encompassing central source of information for all stakeholders. Customers, suppliers, employees, investors, organizations, media, and all other interested audiences can now explore LKQ Europe and its offering as the leading distributor of automotive aftermarket parts for cars, commercial vans and industrial vehicles in Europe.

“As the automotive aftermarket leader, we are passionate to lead the industry by design and set new standards when it comes to brand design, experience design and digital customer experiences. We are now empowered to apply and communicate our brand effectively, efficiently, and consistently across all customer segments, markets, touchpoints, channels and assets. LKQ Europe’s new website is key to reach our audiences across the continent. Our ambition is to be best-in-class, continuously improve our reputation and become the voice of the independent aftermarket in Europe. The website is an important milestone for us in this continuing journey.” says Dr. Christiane Lesmeister, Director of Communications at LKQ Europe.

Newsroom with in-depth LKQ Europe and industry insights
The website features a comprehensive newsroom, where all media and key stakeholders have access to the latest information of the company. The newsroom provides news, stories, interviews, and industry insights around LKQ Europe’s strategy, business activities and the automotive aftermarket for media and all interested stakeholders. It also includes a media asset database for easy access to copyright-free images, company logos and video footage: LKQ Europe Newsroom.

LKQ Europe’s branding transformation continues
In June 2022, LKQ announced the revamp of its new corporate brand and identity to support building one corporate culture across its European teams. To achieve this goal, the company joined forces with branding and transformation experts from Kenza in Berlin, Germany, to develop a new global corporate identity, creating the future look and feel of LKQ and developing a brand awareness campaign.

“Together with the LKQ team, our purpose was to transform LKQ into a brand that will set people, businesses, and the world in motion. We designed a modern brand design system that will grow LKQ’s market leading positions and empower rewarding experiences across all touchpoints and operating segments,” explains Nusi Drljevic, Managing Director of Kenza.

The delivery of the new branding and design system was preceded by a comprehensive and detailed analysis of LKQ’s brand architecture, portfolio, and performances. The result includes not only a modernized logo, but also fresher colors and typographies, modern and rich imagery and iconography and motion designs - all available on a digital brand platform. What once was a fragmented setup, now is a harmonized and simplified system, that enables LKQ Europe to create deeper connections with all its audiences.

“Kenza did an outstanding job enabling LKQ set new industry standards and apply a state of the art design and corporate identity by modernizing the LKQ brand and make it ready for the post-digital age – we’ve made the first step and are eager to continue our journey in the future!” emphasizes Christiane Lesmeister.