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Leicester Auto Parts embraces NAPA UK

Date: Monday 15 August 2022

Leicester Auto Parts (LAP) has been building a community with the Leicester automotive aftermarket for almost 50 years. Now they’re championing NAPA in a big way, and we had a chat with LAP owner Harry Patel on the value of loyalty.

Founded in 1976 near Leicester’s city centre, Leicester Auto Parts is a well-established, family-run business that’s seen great success over the years. With a committed, returning customer base and talented, long-serving employees (some with over 25 years of service!), it’s clear that community is at the heart of Leicester Auto Parts. The motor factor boasts an impressive 4.5 star rating on Google reviews, an excellent workforce with over 100 years of combined car parts expertise, and partnerships that span decades.

“We’re loyal,” said Harry, “and people are loyal to us.”

Ever since Leicester Auto Parts joined GROUPAUTO UK & Ireland Trading Group in the late 1990s, GROUPAUTO has received their trust and commitment as well. LAP stock an expansive range of high-quality car parts brands sourced through the trading group in their impressive 6000sq. ft warehouse, and when NAPA products hit UK shelves in 2019, LAP was quick to get on board.

“I’m a loyal supporter to the group,” Harry explained. He’d heard of the success NAPA had found in America and he saw its promise, encouraged by GROUPAUTO’s endorsement. “They brought NAPA on in the UK, and I know it’s big in America, and I know it’s going to grow here, so I’m taking it in. Because I know it’s going to work.”

While Leicester Auto Parts carry select product ranges from other big brands, they stock almost all NAPA product ranges, with upcoming NAPA launches already pre-ordered by the motor factor to ensure they’re one of the first to get their hands on them. Harry cited several key factors about the appeal of NAPA products for LAP’s business growth: the great quality, competitive pricing, same or next-day delivery, and especially the growing brand awareness in the UK. “People can relate to that,” he added, speaking of NAPA’s publicity in UK magazines and the British Touring Cars Championship on ITV4.

Customers can sometimes have their own loyalty to brands they’ve used in the past, but that’s not a concern for Harry. When speaking of the addition of NAPA to LAP’s shelves, Harry said,

“At first, people might be a bit dubious. It’s a new product to market. But we’ve been [a NAPA stockist] for over 2 years now, we’ve taken it on board, and we’re getting a good response from it. Our customers like it and have welcomed it.”

It doesn’t end at the products either. Leicester Auto Parts have “taken NAPA on in a big way,” said Harry, and refurbished their location to further build NAPA’s brand awareness in the area. “We’ve got eye-catching NAPA billboards on the side of the building — a definite head-turner! Our staff are all kitted out with NAPA branded uniforms. Our stationary, invoices, and new additions to the fleet all feature NAPA. Our website, currently under construction, is also all-NAPA based. We’re taking it on full board.”

Harry even follows NAPA Racing UK on LAP’s new Instagram account, to ensure he and his staff stay up to date on the latest racing news!

With a dedicated leader like Harry at the helm, it’s clear Leicester Auto Parts is in great hands, and the NAPA Network are lucky for his partnership. We look forward to ramping up our support for NAPA’s ongoing relationship with LAP.