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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Introducing TechMate: The Direct Automotive Technical Service

Date: Monday 13 February 2023

Automotive aftermarket distributor Alliance Automotive Group (AAG) has announced the launch of its freshly rebranded technical specialist service, TechMate, in February 2023.

Supporting the private label brands NAPA, Apec, BTN Turbo, and Platinum, the TechMate team of automotive technical specialists are on hand to assist workshop owners and staff with a variety of technical queries and learning opportunities. TechMate specialists have an expert understanding of the private label brands’ product catalogues and the finer points of aftermarket installations, ensuring that each query is addressed with the attention customers deserve.

TechMate offers a wide range of support directly to garages and workshops, helping technicians develop confidence in their skills and product knowledge. With IMI-certified technical training, workshop visits, product troubleshooting, and more, TechMate supports automotive professionals every step of the way.

How can TechMate help you?

  • Installation demonstrations
  • Answering your technical queries
  • Technical product training for staff, including IMI certified courses, classrooms, garage workouts, and technical garage visits
  • Tradeshow support
  • Promoting best practice.

As the direct technical service for all things automotive, the TechMate team are ready to answer your NAPA, Apec, BTN Turbo, and Platinum technical product queries.

For more information on TechMate, follow the team on Facebook and LinkedIn @TechMateAuto or contact TechMate directly on 0117 428 8090.