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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

IAAF Pride of Aftermarket Product of the Year Awards 2023

Date: Wednesday 22 November 2023

The below have been shortlisted in the IAAF Pride of Aftermarket Product of the Year Awards.

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Company: Brembo

Product: Greenance Kit

Greenance Kit is the perfect combination of top performances and enhanced durability, ensuring a much lower environmental impact during braking, with a significant reduction in particulate emissions: -83% in PM10 and -80% in PM2.5.

This pioneering solution guarantees extended mileage and a significant improvement in terms of the total cost of ownership of vehicles amounting to an average reduction of -15% during vehicles lifetime.

It does ensures an increased durability of the brake discs, tripling their expected lifetime. This leads to relevant cost savings that are a top priority for long-distance professionals and drivers of light commercial vehicles and fleets owners.

Company: First Line

Product:  Borg & Beck CV Joints and Driveshafts 

First Line Ltd., via its renowned Borg & Beck brand, has launched an extensive range of premium-quality Constant Velocity (CV) Joints and Driveshafts, complementing its broad range of CV Boot Kits, as the company continues to meet aftermarket demand for a wide range of parts. 

With more than 420 CV Joints and over 530 Driveshafts now available from the aftermarket specialist, including in excess of 720 CV Boot Kits covering over 26,000 applications, customers can rest assured that they can access a comprehensive drivetrain solution from First Line Ltd. 

All Borg & Beck CV Joints and Driveshafts are manufactured and optimised for robust application. Using premium quality materials, they are precision machined and balanced to ensure a smooth, vibration-free performance.

Each and every shaft comes complete with CNC forged CV Joints, manufactured to exacting specifications. With minimal clearance between the steel ball and seating groove, the results are low friction, noise and damage, providing increased durability and service life.

Finished with premium-quality neoprene Boots and packed with specially formulated, high-temperature moly grease to protect against abrasion and resist extreme temperature erosion, Borg & Beck CV Joints and Driveshafts offer distributors a reliable and first-class, competitive solution.

Company: Ring Automotive

Product name: RTC4000/Cordless Rechargeable Tyre Inflator

The RTC4000 is a compact, yet powerful and high-quality cordless tyre inflator for cars and motorbikes. It’s easily chargeable via a USB Type C cable or 12V DC cable and is quick to inflate a tyre, even from flat. This tyre inflator also has a memory function, so the user can save different tyre pressures and activate them easily from the home screen, and it also has an auto-stop feature so there’s no risk of over inflating the tyre. 

Ring has ensured that this tyre inflator is as compact as it can be, which also means it’s light, so it’s easy to move around the vehicle and top up the tyres. Additionally, there are multiple LED lights on the tool, so inflating tyres can be done at any time. The inflator has already proved popular in the industry, with it already gaining 5 star awards in both Motorcycle News and Ride magazine.


Company: SMP Europe

Product: EGR Valves

SMP Europe’s range of UK engineered and tested EGR valves have been developed to match the OE for performance at a more competitive price level. Lower quality engine management parts can cause multiple problems, from inefficient operation, increased pressure on other emissions components, through to premature failure, leading to more frequent replacement.

Before parts are prepared for delivery, SMP Europe puts samples through extensive testing at its purpose-built test facility at its Centre of Engineering Excellence in Nottingham, along with on-vehicle testing to assure real-world performance.

SMP Europe's range of high-end EGR Valves includes 57 references, covering over 27 million popular vehicle makes and models in the European vehicle parc, with the company’s uncompromising approach to research and development continually widening its vehicle coverage.

Company: WAI

Product: EV portable Charger – Recharge 3000

WAI has unveiled the Recharge 3000, providing professional services with an EV range extension of ten miles.Sitting above its Recharge 2000 model in the range, the Recharge 3000 offers professional services a three-kilowatt (kW) power bank perfect for vehicle recovery and hire businesses and automotive electricians.

The extra mileage provided by WAI’s Recharge range of power banks help eliminate range anxiety with the additional top-up range designed to get drivers to their nearest recharging station for a full recharge, should the worst happen. The robust build of Recharge 3000 means it is ideal for heavy use by professionals needing to recover EVs, and features two AC outputs, plus one 24V DC and one 48V DC output. 

The high-quality lithium polymer battery pack has a capacity of 51.8V and 60Ah, meaning the unit is up to the challenge of storing enough charge to top-up an electric vehicle’s battery, to get drivers and passengers home or comfortably to the nearest charging station.