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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

IAAF plans for the future as annual dinner is nominated for award

Date: Friday 21 July 2023

IAAF is actively planning across a number of fronts, including the introduction of new member benefits.

The Annual Conference and Awards Dinner 2023 is proving popular with more than half of all dinner spaces sold so far. The conference “brilliance of resilience” is delivering speakers from a mix of business, sport and the economy with Nick Leeson and Claire Lomas signed up so far.

Planning is also underway for our 2024 events including Garage Awards, as part of UK Garage & Bodyshop Event 2024, Annual Golf Day plus much more.

Regional events are also very much on the federation’s radar and an announcement will be made next week.

And, finally, the IAAF Annual Awards Dinner 2022 has been nominated in the Association Excellence Awards. Thank you to all members for their support.

Intelligence Report
The latest IAAF Intelligence Report in partnership with GIPA is out now and proving incredibly popular. All feedback is welcome as we continue to shape its content in the coming months and years.

Campaigns continue
IAAF has written to DFT and Secretary of State for Transport, Mark Harper on two different matters affecting the future of the automotive aftermarket. We have written to express our concerns over the UK Government’s strategy [policy] of only allowing the sale of electrically powered vehicles from 2035. Whilst we fully understand and support the need to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we feel that imposing a specific single technology is neither a solution for all transport and mobility requirements (especially long distance/heavy duty vehicles) nor a sufficiently robust basis given the reliance on the key commodities and resources required to manufacture the vehicles in an increasingly turbulent geo-political landscape.