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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

IAAF hits landmark figure with 1000th eBulletin

Date: Friday 30 July 2021

Today’s IAAF eBulletin is number 1,000! This is a fantastic achievement as the federation continues with its aim to supply the automotive aftermarket with the latest industry news, trends and updates.

The weekly eBulletin, which lands in members’ inboxes every Friday afternoon, features regular updates on IAAF activity and its members, including suppliers, distributors and garages and workshops, as well as wider industry news affecting the industry such as legislative changes or informative insights.

The eBulletin has gained significant momentum over the years and quickly become widely regarded as one of the most respected and reliable sources for breaking news in the automotive aftermarket.

Over the past year alone, IAAF has played an integral role in helping to roll out breaking news stories, increasing its number of eBulletins to almost daily during the height of the pandemic to ensure its members and aftermarket companies were kept up to date with any key changes or information that may affect the supply chain.

Thank you to everybody that supports the IAAF eBulletin.