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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

IAAF Exclusive: GCA’s recruitment partnership with HGV Direct

Date: Friday 04 August 2023

Mark Field, chief executive of IAAF, recently sat down with Kayleigh Bradley, senior recruitment consultant at Glen Callum Associates to find out about the recruitment specialist’s recent partnership with HGV Direct, and the value that a well-planned recruitment strategy can add to a member’s business.

How did the relationship come about?
We have worked with HGV Direct for a while and as a forward-thinking business we were having regular discussions with the team about talent attraction.

With both our businesses having a strong brand presence in the automotive aftermarket sector, we concluded a joint approach would assist in showcasing their roles. This would allow us to utilise both of our marketing activities, which would also be supported by our recruitment expertise, to highlight their business and their vacancies.

What will the process entail?
Alongside our traditional recruitment package, we will be running branded adverts, setting up a dedicated HGV Direct web page, hosting video sessions with the team to include topics such as ‘why work for HGV Direct’ and a ‘a day in the life of…’, and including any roles in our featured jobs and future talent spotting segments. All of these elements have been designed with the aim of supporting a thorough and insightful recruitment process.

We will also have regular/weekly one to ones with the HGV Direct Management team on the current candidate market, as well as looking at the current landscape to identify what other businesses are offering, enabling them to be at the forefront of candidate attraction.

Why do you think the motor factor has opted for this approach?
HGV Direct wants to leverage its brand for talent attraction. The team has an understanding that employer brand is key right now and wants to showcase not only their current vacancies but also what it’s like to work for their business.

They see the benefits of a partnered recruitment approach, opting for a recruiter that has the knowledge of their business, allowing them to use that knowledge to properly screen suitable candidates.

Working exclusively with GCA means they have the benefit of our full attention; we can allow them our dedicated time and extra advertising spend, and because we are in a partnership, there is no risk to us of a role being filled by any other means, so we can dedicate sufficient time without the race against other recruiters to simply submit a CV.

We can put the best talent on the market in front of HGV Direct; not just those who are currently applying or who on the job boards, but candidates who we can openly headhunt and can have transparent conversations with, and who we can select specifically for their business.

Our searching and advertising activity will be ongoing, not just when a role presents itself.

What are the key benefits of the partnership?
The benefits to this recruitment package are two-fold. For the client, they can showcase their business and build employer branding, increasing their reach and opening up more conversations with potential candidates.

We know from research that the current and future candidate markets are keen to understand company culture and ethos, as well as what companies can offer in terms of personal growth and training, for example.

For the candidate, they receive a more thorough understanding of a business before they make an application. They can look at the company’s story and have opportunity to evaluate not only whether the position aligns with their aspirations and expectations, but also if it fits with their core values.

The process is transparent for all. HGV can openly advertise their roles and candidates can approach GCA and have frank and honest conversations about the business with our recruiters before they make the decision to apply.

How can IAAF members get involved in benefitting from this type of recruitment partnership?
Give us a call! No two recruitment processes should ever be the same, as we believe they should meet the exact needs of each business; what works for one, will not work for another.

We open our discussions with clients by understanding what they want from their process, what is and isn’t working, and tailor a solution to suit. We are always open to discuss how to get the best out of your recruitment package, be that using our video interview platform, building your employer brand or future talent spotting and adopting an always-recruiting strategy.

Mark then concluded by asking Glen Shepherd, director at GCA, his thoughts on the future of recruitment and how the aftermarket can maximise upcoming opportunities.

Looking ahead, what advice do you have for members looking to add value to their recruitment strategy in today’s climate?
What we can say is there is a trend developing where companies are moving away from the traditional CV source and are looking for more engaging ways to attract the best talent.

So, initiatives like this are helping not only reactive hiring (when someone leaves), but also talent spotting and proactive hiring. I think this is where we can prove that recruitment is changing, and candidates are savvier about their worth.

Taking the initiative and having a thought-out recruitment strategy by working with a specialist allows the client to receive 100 percent commitment towards that process. Equally, it makes their talent and engagement mechanism more adaptable over time, rather than looking for solutions and spending time sourcing talent only when a role becomes available. Companies need to be hiring all the time right now.

If you want to learn more about how to build your hiring story, feel free to get in touch with a member of the here.