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HSE has guidance on keeping workplace temperature reasonable

Date: Friday 02 December 2022

As winter takes hold, you can find helpful advice from HSE on keeping people as comfortable as possible when working in the cold. There is also guidance on protecting workers from hot temperatures.

The guidance has been refreshed to make it easier to find and understand advice on how to protect workers in both low and high temperatures.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations require employers to provide a reasonable indoor temperature in the workplace.

The HSE guidance explains how you can assess the risks to workers and put controls in place to protect them.

It covers:

  • working in hot and cold temperatures
  • steps you can take to make people feel more comfortable
  • outdoor working
  • dehydration
  • cold stress and heat stress.

There is a workplace temperature checklist to help you carry out a basic risk assessment. They have also updated sources of advice, including practical steps you can take in the summer months to protect workers during a heatwave.