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Host of new products added to MAHLE’s hybrid and electric vehicle range

Date: Friday 19 November 2021

MAHLE Aftermarket UK is continuing to grow its range of hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) products, and has released 257 references to meet ongoing demand for this growing vehicle parc.

The latest new-to-range products include hydraulic, oil, air, cabin and fuel filters; radiator caps; interior and radiator fans; air conditioner compressors, condensers, evaporators and dryers; heat exchangers; expansion tank and thermostat coolant; interior blower resistors; passenger compartment fan regulators; engine cooling radiators; intercooler and low-temperature cooler; starters; and, water pumps.

These references cover a number of popular hybrid and EV applications with stand-out products including one oil and air, and two cabin air filters, as well as two engine cooling radiators and an air conditioner compressor and condenser for BMW i3; a cabin air filter and air conditioner dryer for Kia Niro; four cabin air filters for Jaguar I-PACE; and three cabin air filters for Audi e-tron.

MAHLE’s expertise in electronic components and systems ensures the company can offer integrated system solutions for the future of mobility.

The aftermarket specialist is committed to leading the market with a wide variety of high-quality products to cover the ever-expanding vehicle parc.

MAHLE recently launched TechTool to provide technicians instant access to product technical information, covering both passenger cars and trucks. The resource provides users with detailed insights into technical processes around thermal management, active troubleshooting and general information.

The easy-to-use MAHLE TechTool allows technicians to search for information by vehicle category or they can opt to view information on specific components directly. TechTool also features useful information on each system and product, and includes interactive, visual diagrams, bringing each component to life.

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