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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Glen Callum redefines aftermarket recruitment process for IAAF members

Date: Friday 07 August 2020

Automotive aftermarket recruitment specialist Glen Callum Associates (GCA) is redefining the recruitment process for IAAF members, with a number of new initiatives, such as recorded candidate video interviews and impartial candidate profiling, all now included as part of its service to clients.

With more than 20 years’ experience providing recruitment solutions to the aftermarket, the company has used its market knowledge and recruitment expertise to improve the process of hiring as the sector emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.

With unemployment rising since the outbreak of the pandemic, GCA is offering employers a more direct, interactive recruitment experience, saving valuable time and enabling informed hiring decisions through impartial, third-party profiling of their candidates.

GCA has led the way in aftermarket recruitment and for many years has supported clients with hosting online screen interviews. Working with the employer, the GCA team will tailor up to five “key questions” relevant to the role, company, industry and required experience, which will be reviewed alongside the candidate’s CV.

This allows the employer to gain an initial impression of the candidate, viewing their response to specific questions.

At final interview stage, GCA will offer a free professional psychometric profiling & testing service for up to two final interview stage candidates, an approach employed by nearly all Fortune 500 companies.

Using their external and impartial business psychologist, the tests will be independently assessed to include a detailed insight into candidate behavioural attitudes, motivations, energies and drive. In addition to aiding hiring decisions, this information will also be useful in adopting management styles and developing future training needs if the candidate is offered employment.

Glen Shepherd, GCA director, said: “Our approach has always been to take the hassle out of recruitment and every activity we undertake is designed to deliver the best hiring results possible. As the longest-serving, dedicated automotive aftermarket recruiter in the UK, we recognise our responsibility to support clients up and down the supply chain with the most accurate recruitment process in a rapidly evolving market.

As the recruitment market shifts focus, our thorough and impartial approach, combined with our experience and expertise, is perfectly placed to arrive at the right candidate for automotive aftermarket businesses both in the UK and internationally.”

The GCA highly experienced recruitment team are leaders in their field specialising in jobs within the automotive aftermarket, engineering and industrial sectors.

Its range of jobs include Senior Executive / Directorship, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Distribution, Product Management, Technical, IT, Branch Manager, Dealership and Operational roles.