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Glen Callum Associates debates: ‘Are we seeing the death or resurrection of the recruitment database?’

Date: Friday 24 November 2023

With the recruitment market in a constant state of flux, with new trends and technologies entering the equation, Glen Callum Associates (GCA) has revealed that having access to a database of industry specialists is now extremely sought after by those looking to recruit.

After recently celebrating its 25th anniversary, GCA has seen much change over the past two and half decades, which has naturally affected the world of recruitment, bringing about a whole host of new opportunities and ways of working.

One of these key changes is the transformation in the way the world utilises data.

Glen Shepherd, director of GCA, has been with the company since the very beginning, and he has shared his insight into these changes in greater detail, and what it means for the automotive aftermarket and recruitment industry in general.

He comments: “In modern times, the emergence of job boards, job sites, LinkedIn and social media in general, has resulted in accessibility being made easier for all. The name of the game now is engagement.

“Back in the day a good recruiter worked on their little black book. Who was the industry’s hot talent? What were their contact numbers? How do you get hold of this person? Even today our recruiters still work a black-book solution, although it has become more digitalised compared to 1998.”

GCA’s reputation as an aftermarket specialist has been solidified over the years, as it has continued to grow not only its industry knowledge and expertise, but also its contacts within the automotive aftermarket.

Although GCA believes networking, advertising, job board searches and social site searches, and headhunting of specific companies are essential elements of recruitment, it is reiterating the importance of accessing a credible and specialised database.

Additionally, as industry experts, GCA collates ‘unique candidates’ through its vast database of automotive contacts, enabling the company to gain access to candidates not openly available on traditional job sites or databases.

Shepherd adds: “Although technology and AI is driving the candidate identification process and sourcing and searching activities, the key is still in building trust with your candidates and allowing them to see the value you are able to deliver in their next career search, whenever that may be.

“So, in many ways relationship building, talent spotting and candidate engagement hasn’t really changed a great deal; and neither has the core process of accessing a database of industry specialists. We have just embraced new technology to aid and enhance our capabilities to do this quickly.”

To learn more about GCA’s specialised recruitment processes and how it can help both candidates and companies looking to hire fresh talent, get in touch with the team here.