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Glen Callum Associates Aftermarket Recruitment Survey calls for personal, transparent and efficient process

Date: Thursday 12 May 2022

The Glen Callum Associates (GCA) Automotive Aftermarket Recruitment Survey 2022 has highlighted the importance of personal contact and how the process of recruitment should be a key tool in the sales activity of any business.

The survey, conducted via LinkedIn, attracted over 23,000 views and was designed to support aftermarket businesses in their recruitment strategy, at a time when access to skilled personnel has become a key industry issue throughout the entire supply chain.

The findings of the survey further cemented GCA’s belief that companies must adopt a very robust, candidate-led approach to recruitment and by doing so in a comprehensive way can form part of an effective sales strategy.

For example, on the subject of interview perceptions, 93 percent of candidates believed the recruitment process should contain no more than two interviews and 77 percent said it should take no longer than three weeks.

This direct requirement from candidates for a robust and timely recruitment process was further confirmed when 84 percent of candidates said they would be happy to be turned down for a role “on the spot,” opting for immediacy and transparency from the interviewer.

With regards to the engagement and tactics used by companies in the application process, 70 percent of candidates said they would prefer to talk to someone over the telephone, instead of an email or automation process, something that GCA supports.

Glen Shepherd, GCA director, said:

“Automation has to form part of a recruitment companies communication process due to the sheer volume of potential applicants, especially when you’re hiring internationally.
“However, GCA has committed to ensuring that any candidate selected for interview will receive personal one to one assistance and feedback directly with their designated consultant.”

The subject of onboarding was raised in the survey with 36 percent proactively looking for another role if their joining experience was poor. Sixty-two percent also said they wouldn’t go near the company again if the experience was poor from that company.

Finally, in relation to where people initially began searching for new roles, 40 percent of people went to a recruitment specialist like GCA, while 35 percent looked via social media and 25 percent via job boards such as Indeed. Cementing the conclusion that using a hiring specialist who maximises social media will reach 75 percent of the talent fresh to the job market.

Shepherd added:

“GCA has long been an advocate of a personal, specialised, timely recruitment process and the results further expand on our earlier surveys, which call for businesses to treat recruitment as an integral part of their culture, which in turn can benefit their sales strategy.
“Candidates want to be engaged, have personal contact and proceed through an efficient recruitment process, underlined by the fact that the majority of candidates go to a recruitment specialist as their first step in finding a new role. Thank you to everyone who took part in our survey.”

For more information on the survey, please call Glen Callum Associates on Tel: 01384 485274