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Garages urged to gear up for next MOT surge

Date: Friday 12 August 2022

A leading aftermarket online specialist has called for independent garages to look ahead and plan how to profitably manage their workload ahead of the impending MOT surge.

Jim Lang, from Garage Services Online, says his team speaks with hundreds of garages every month and the feedback presents a common trend; independents are really busy and struggling to recruit good technicians.

It’s a problem, he says, which will be only be compounded when the increase in demand for MOTs comes around again in the autumn.

Whilst, like a lot of post-pandemic issues, it’ll take time for demand to level back out, Jim says with forward planning, the situation can be effectively managed.

“It basically comes down to having more control of which garage services you’re being found for online,” he says.
“Fundamentally, it’s the difference between a website that’s built to attract the profitable work you want, and one that’s no more than a static online brochure.
“If garages get their online strategy right, they can have a huge amount of control over which jobs come in. Not only is this crucial to profitability throughout the year, it means they can manage workflow. This involves turning the taps up and down for specific garage services to suit seasonal demands.”

Garage Services Online creates and manages hundreds of websites for independent garages and the management of profitable workflow is something its customers value the most.

Jim added:

“Most garages are already busy so being in control is key. Owners want to run their garages, not their garages run them!”