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Fueltone Pro highlights diesel system primer for effortless fuel filter replacement

Date: Wednesday 06 March 2024

Leading fuel additives specialist, Fueltone Pro, is shining a spotlight on its Diesel System Primer as the go-to solution for garages and workshops when carrying out fuel filter replacement in diesel vehicles.

With over a decade of expertise in fuel additives development, Fueltone Pro continues to innovate, and its Diesel System Primer offers a premium fuel replacement filter primer that advances and protects fuel pumps and all exposed metal components. It also reduces stress on the system during priming, provides a cost-effective, multi dose bottle and there’s no mixing required.

Robbie Gray, Chairman of Fueltone Pro, emphasises the transformative impact of the Diesel System Primer: "Our Diesel System Primer represents a significant advancement in the industry. Not only does it optimise the ignition process, but it also safeguards the engine during start-up following fuel filter replacement."

Recognising the common challenges associated with difficult starts in diesel vehicles, Fueltone Pro's Diesel System Primer is engineered to address these issues. By pre-filling the new filter with the primer before installation, workshops and garages can ensure seamless starting every time after filter replacement, enhancing efficiency and reducing labour costs.

Furthermore, incorporating Fueltone Pro's cleaning agent into the process helps safeguard critical components, such as the fuel pump and ignition system, promoting smooth engine operation and prolonging engine lifespan, thus ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

For fleet operators, benefits include achieving first-time ignition post-filter replacement, which can significantly minimise maintenance downtime, a crucial factor for fleet managers seeking to optimise operational efficiency.

The Diesel System Primer complements Fueltone Pro's extensive range of fuel additives and diesel particulate filter treatments, all designed to enhance performance, minimise emissions, and maintain engine longevity.

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