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Fuel tanks from DT Spare Parts – presented by the Parts Specialists

Date: Monday 04 March 2024

Formerly made of steel, today mostly out of aluminium. A truck normally has several of these in order to be able to cover long distances. This large spare part cannot be overlooked and is an important component for the fuel supply – it is the vehicle’s fuel tank. Whether for local transport or long-distance journeys, DT Spare Parts ensures that there is always enough fuel aboard.
The fuel tank is used in vehicles with internal combustion engines to store the fuel. In this way, the fuel is made available for the operation of the engine. Vehicles with internal combustion engines require a continuous flow of fuel (such as petrol or diesel) to power the engine. The fuel is pumped from the tank into the engine where it is mixed with air and then burned to generate energy.
In the new PS Tips video, Parts Specialist Niklas presents various fuel tanks and level sensors. DT Spare Parts impresses with its high-quality models which are mostly made of aluminium. The advantage of this material is that it is rust-resistant and saves weight. The fuel capacity extends from 150 litres to 800 litres. To prevent these large amounts of diesel from building up or sloshing around in the tank, baffles are installed which divide the tank interior into several chambers. This reduces the movement of the fuel while driving, it also strengthens the structure of the tank. The choice of different sizes allows the fuel storage system to be customised to suit various requirements.
In the range of DT Spare Parts, Diesel Technic customers can find various fuel tanks, level sensors and urea tanks. More than 200 products are suitable for the brands Astra, DAF, Fendt, Heuliez, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Neoplan, Renault, Scania and Volvo. Whether agricultural, bus, industrial, truck or transporter – the Diesel Technic Partner Portal offers the right spare part for nearly every product division.
The DT Spare Parts portfolio includes a large selection of accessories to complement the fuel tank. The product range includes lockable filler caps to prevent fuel theft. Other add-on parts such as tensioning bands, rubber pads or screw bolts are also available from the automotive brand.
Especially the fuel level sensor that is discussed in the video is an important component for the fuel tank. It shows different characteristics for fuel and urea. Niklas explains that “the urea freezes even at sub-zero temperatures”. To prevent this, the fuel level sensors have an integrated heating coil with a temperature sensor. This guarantees the liquid condition and the urea is optimally prepared for the injection unit. Regarding winter temperatures, DT Spare Sparts products are also suitable for “winter diesel”. This is a mixture of diesel together with petrol, ethanol, methanol or kerosene/petroleum, which ensures that the fuel does not flocculate.
All in all, the fuel tank is a fundamental spare part that enables the movement of vehicles with internal combustion engines by ensuring a reliable supply of the required fuel.
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