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Fuel efficiency starts with the right exhaust: Choose Klarius!

Date: Monday 02 October 2023

Fuel efficiency, as every driver on the UK’s roads knows, makes an enormous difference to the running cost of a vehicle. Yet few drivers realise the crucial role that their car’s exhaust plays in maintaining this. For garages, understanding this nuance is the key to providing cost-saving advice to their customers. For this reason, Klarius offers support and guidance to ensure that every vehicle is equipped with an exhaust system designed for peak fuel efficiency.

It's not common knowledge that the wrong choice of exhaust system can cost a driver up to £200 a year in excess fuel consumption. However, with an exhaust system from Klarius, drivers can benefit from its dedication to thorough product research and development, ensuring that every car fitted with a Klarius exhaust is optimised for the best possible fuel efficiency.

How can the exhaust system have such an impact? The answer lies with the little-known issue of back pressure. Incorrect back pressure in the exhaust system, whether too high or too low, forces the engine to work harder, which in turn uses more fuel. Through its meticulous testing using a chassis dynamometer and test track, Klarius ensures that the back pressure of its exhaust systems are precisely optimised to deliver excellent fuel economy.

However, Klarius doesn’t stop at internal testing. Its expert team compares all its exhaust system designs against the OEM’s, measuring resistance, noise and performance. This rigorous process ensures that when back pressure is optimised, fuel efficiency improves, providing drivers with the best miles per gallon for their vehicle. Klarius also goes the extra mile by having applicable products independently tested and certified. This certification, known as ‘type approval’, guarantees that all relevant components meet or exceed the OEM’s specification.

By choosing a Klarius system, garages can ensure that their customer’s vehicles are not only fuel-efficient but are also safeguarded from any additional fuel consumption costs. Its commitment to quality ensures that every Klarius exhaust is as good as, if not better than, the original.

Understanding the role of exhausts is important for those garages and mechanics who want to offer the best possible advice. Klarius stands out for its outstanding level of support and online resources, in addition to providing exhaust components that are rigorously tested, approved and certified. By recommending a Klarius exhaust, garages can help their customers save up to £200 annually!

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