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Flexible problem solving – Klarius flexi-pipes can help save £1,000+ on repairs

Date: Friday 03 February 2023

For garages, being able to offer a cost-effective repair quickly is crucial to keeping customers happy. With the current financial pressures on households, helping motorists to avoid expensive whole system replacements when they aren’t needed is particularly important. Flexi-pipes, for example, can provide customers with a quick and long-lasting fix while boosting a garage’s good reputation as a problem-solver. Klarius provides high quality, easy to fit solutions to keep repairs within budget and get motorists back on the road.

Flexi-pipes are designed to reduce the rigidity of the exhaust system to better accommodate mechanical stresses. In the event of damage to the exhaust, it used to be the case that larger components or the whole exhaust system needed to be replaced, which can be very costly for drivers, especially at a time when customers are keeping an eye on their spending.

By choosing Klarius flexi-pipe repair products, garages can ensure that their customers are satisfied with the high-quality and cost-effective repair they receive. Not only does this satisfaction lead to positive word-of-mouth recommendations, it also provides an opportunity for garages to offer a wider range of repair options at more competitive prices. Ultimately, this can attract new customers and secure repeat business.

As one of Europe's largest manufacturers of aftermarket exhausts, Klarius has over 11,000 references. The business understands that larger component repairs, or full system replacement typically means a bigger cost. For this reason, many motorists are hesitant to carry out exhaust repairs, but the days of costly whole system replacements for a single failure are gone. Klarius provides sectional repair kits for whatever you have on the ramp, whether it's a high spec classic or a family run-around.

Discover the simplicity of flexi-pipe repairs with this video, explaining just how quick and easy the repair process can be. 

Klarius ensures its products meet or exceed the standards of the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) by type approving all applicable parts with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) in the UK and TÜV in Germany. A 2-year standard warranty is offered on all products in range, along with a Fit First Time guarantee. Next day delivery is also available for all Klarius items. These standards help you to not just meet but exceed your customers' expectations.