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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Five reasons why the Right to Repair campaign will be built on positivity not fear

Date: Thursday 11 January 2024

In 2024, IAAF is launching a new Right to Repair Campaign aimed at highlighting the mobility choices available to motorists through the automotive aftermarket of suppliers, motor factors and garages...

Following the successful lobbying by IAAF as part of UK AFCAR, a coalition of likeminded trade associations and organisations, now is the right time to embark on a longer term approach to raising awareness of our trade and the benefits of choice the automotive aftermarket provides.

Through legislation, the aftermarket has secured critically important gains in the revised Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Order (MV-BEO) ensuring effective competition and choice for millions of UK motorists.

These include full access and recognition for independent garages, parts distributors and parts suppliers / manufacturers to full repair and maintenance information and data from vehicle manufacturers.

There are now significant improvements for motorists to benefit from, detailed in law, and clearer definitions to support the way vehicles are diagnosed, repaired and maintained.

Here’s five reasons why the Right to Repair campaign will be built on positivity not fear.

  1. Why shouldn’t we be positive? There’s too much negativity anyway. The automotive aftermarket is a leading provider of choice and looks after millions of motorists every day. It is also a vibrant, entrepreneurial, significant economic contributor to the UK economy with both large and small businesses leading the way.  The Right to Repair campaign will celebrate this – it’s time to come out of the shadows.
  2. Choice – and competition – benefits everyone. Freedom of choice is essential to a vibrant sector. If new entrants want to join our sector, if vehicle manufacturers want to invest and grow their aftermarket business, it will inspire us and prove that ours is a sector worth innovating and evolving. To do this, we need to celebrate the roles of not just businesses but individuals. We want new people and new ideas in our trade.
  3. Fear is short term. Selling and marketing on fear is short term, one built around a quick return. We can learn from each other and can do well and good at the same time. Marketing on ‘fear’ is not a good look for a sector brimming with possibility.
  4. The future will look very different. The automotive aftermarket has been consolidating and evolving for some time. IAAF exists to bring competitors and people together and in an evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality AR and Autonomous Driving, we will need to work in partnership not in isolation. Our competitors today may be our partners tomorrow We need to be open-minded in a world of change.
  5. We have a responsibility to uphold. The automotive aftermarket and vehicle manufacturers have a responsibility to its customers and people looking to forge a career in the automotive industry to be progressive and honest. Choice, honesty, fair competition and exceptional service are our key defining features.


More details on the new Right to Repair Campaign and how you can get involved will be announced soon. #righttorepair #mobility #automotive