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First Line Ltd. encourages changing wiper blades during drier months for optimum visibility

Date: Wednesday 20 July 2022

Despite the warmer, drier weather being associated with the summer months, the importance of having fresh wiper blades with good adhesion to the windscreen glass is just as important as any other time of year, advises First Line Ltd.

The aftermarket specialist encourages technicians to appraise and replace wiper blades if required, to maintain optimum visibility, as worn blades will not only fail to clear away debris and rain in sharp summer showers but can also lead to a failed MOT test.

The key signs wiper blades need replacing are smears and streaks on the glass, which are usually caused by cracked edges in the wiper blades’ rubber structure.

Jon Roughley, global marketing director at First Line Ltd. said:

“Good condition wiper blades are the driver’s main defence against rain, light debris and dust and allows them to see clearly. It’s as vital that they get them checked in summer as it is in winter, where they’re used much more frequently with typically wetter weather.”

A more obvious and frustrating feature of wiper blades that are due for replacement are squeaking and skipping blades as the wiper moves across the windscreen. This is caused by hardened rubber as the blade ages and is a clear sign that the wiper blade needs to be replaced.

All Borg & Beck wiper blades are manufactured from 100 percent natural rubber, with a liquid graphite coating that not only delivers a smooth, streak-free and silent operation, but has the additional benefit of providing excellent longevity.

To support garages to encourage drivers to replace their wiper blades annually, First Line Ltd. has produced a handy poster, outlining key information on when to replace wiper blades, which is available on request by filling in the online form here.

Also available from First Line Ltd. under the First Line and Borg & Beck brands are a range of high-quality wiper motors, all of which are a direct replacement for the original equipment (OE) component. Wiper Motors on certain vehicles, such as the Nissan Qashqai and Renault Clio, are extremely popular in Autumn when the leaves and rain fall, so First Line is encouraging the aftermarket to ensure they have these on the shelf ready, as a failed wiper motor will leave the car unroadworthy.

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