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Factor Sales empowers motor factors with upgraded data insights

Date: Monday 09 October 2023

Factor Sales, a leading provider of data insights, is thrilled to introduce two upgraded solutions, designed to provide motor factors with unprecedented data-driven decision-making capabilities.

These advancements build on Factor Sales’ ongoing commitment to enhancing the quality of data reporting for motor factors. This news complements the upgraded Tableau-based data dashboards, launched in March 2023, for suppliers. These are already bolstering decision-making and customer service for the likes of Ferdinand Bilstein, Niterra UK and Moove Lubricants.

Compelling propositions
Monthly PDF bespoke performance insights: Building on extensive research involving motor factors and stakeholders, as well as an analysis of industry best practices, Factor Sales has revamped its complimentary sales performance reporting for factors. These are designed to equip them with the tools they need to make better informed business decisions.

Motor factors can benchmark their sales against national averages, assess sales performance and growth trends across all of their product categories, and identify rapidly growing products within the aftermarket.

A senior member of staff from a multiple site motor factor, based in England, was unequivocal about the need to access genuine data to compete:

“We always try to look forward, to predict future trends and understand demand in the UK aftermarket. Having access to high-quality and easy-to-digest data insights is vital for that and allows us to benchmark our performance against the national average. We are excited to use Factor Sales’ new monthly reports to help our business succeed.”

Premium data insights service: For those motor factors seeking an even more comprehensive data analytics solution, Factor Sales offers a premium, paid service hosted in Tableau. This enables factors to conduct high-level analyses of sales and growth metrics with precision.

In addition to the monthly PDF reports, subscribers can drill down into product, range, or category performance, customise date ranges for data analysis, and perform regional analysis to gain deeper insights. Importantly, Tableau now offers motor factors the ability to review performance across their network of branches, answering questions on why one branch may consistently outperform others.

These two products go live at the end of October 2023.

Paving the way to enhance knowledge
Factor Sales’ acquisition by Pearson Ham Group in October 2022 paved the way for developments, such as the release of advanced Tableau-based data dashboards for suppliers and today's exciting announcement for motor factors.

Factor Sales Analyst, Ben Thomson, noted:

“This is the latest move by Factor Sales, powered by Pearson Ham Group, to provide genuine and accurate data comprehensions to motor factors and suppliers alike. We hope today's announcement will spark interest among those looking to enhance their knowledge.”

To seek more information, or access a demonstration of how Factor Sales works in the real world, visit, or contact