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Exol-powered team wins championship at Idemitsu Super Endurance 600

Date: Thursday 15 February 2024

Exol Lubricants, the UK’s largest independent lubricants company, has celebrated the triumph of its Thailand distributor, Shinsiri Ltd, at the 2023 Idemitsu Super Endurance 600.

Held at Chang International Circuit at the end of December 2023, the Exol-backed team fielded three cars and emerged as champions in the Super NZ Class, highlighting the performance of Exol's products in demanding racing conditions.

The team's Toyota Vios cars, No. 8, 66, and 70, lubricated with Exol's Optima Sport 10W-60, demonstrated resilience and power. Car No. 8 led the victory, finishing first, while Car No. 70 claimed third place.

Exol’s Optima Sport 10W-60 lubricant, which is manufactured from fully synthetic base stocks and the latest additive technology available, providing outstanding performance and durability for the most demanding conditions.

Optima Sport 10W-60 is suitable for normally aspirated and turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, especially high-powered engines running at elevated temperatures. Other benefits include high film strength for superior engine protection, low volatility to greatly reduce oil consumption, excellent anti-wear protection and high shear stability.

Paul Eastwood, Export Sales Manager at Exol Lubricants, remarks: “This win underscores the quality of Exol Lubricants. Our products are designed to excel, and this championship is a testament to that.”

Kobchai Chinthamraks of Shinsiri Ltd. adds: “The championship reflects our team's hard work and the edge Exol Lubricants provides. We’re grateful for Exol's support and look forward to future races.”

The success at the Super Endurance 600 sets the stage for the team's participation in the 2024 Super Endurance 1500 (25-hour) event, with Exol Lubricants continuing its support.

For more on Exol Lubricants, visit its website.