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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Entire supply chain included in warranty and returns process

Date: Wednesday 30 June 2021

Garages can submit warranty and return claims direct to the supplier through a distributor’s link, as Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) and PACT – the joint sales and marketing initiative from Fourth and TecAlliance – seek to improve processes in the automotive aftermarket.

Traditionally the process for submitting warranty and returns claims has been time consuming, inefficient and costly, but now, the new standardised Warranty & returns portal, accessed through ensures accuracy and compliance of the entire process.

Workshops can also have a much more direct role in the process, as distributors can send a secure “Claim Creation Link," which enables technicians to submit details to the supplier. This enables busy workshops to stay on top of their claims process, leaving them to focus on customer service.

The process of warranty and returns claims is also accelerated as garages can input accurate data thanks to the TecDoc interface for parts and for vehicle information.

Mark Rudge, PACT director, said: “Thanks to our partnership with IAAF, we’ll continue to support the market with information that will add value to the entire supply chain. We’re seeing an increase in demand for a simplifying of warranties and returns from suppliers and parts distributors, in order for businesses to concentrate, quite rightly, on other areas.”

The new warranty and returns service, proving extremely popular with automotive suppliers and distributors, offers the ability to make warranty claims and returns through a standardised form and easy to use online portal, reducing the need for a manual based process.

The service is accessible via the IAAF website, or by calling PACT Director Mark Rudge on Tel: 07811 353 620