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ElringKlinger has successfully taken part in pilot phase with TecAlliance’s IDP interface

Date: Tuesday 02 November 2021

TecAlliance, a leading data management specialist in the independent automotive aftermarket, has introduced the new interface Instant Data Processing (IDP) to revolutionise the handling of product data. IDP allows to save time in data management, shorten the time to market and focus on the core business of selling parts. ElringKlinger, a leading automotive supplier, was among the pilot customers and experienced the benefits in the trial phase.

Data updates in real time
More than 25 years ago, TecAlliance developed the TecDoc standard and, based on it, the TecDoc Catalogue. ElringKlinger has been a “Certified TecDoc Data Supplier” for its ELRING brand since the very beginning. In September 2021 they achieved the new “Premier Data Supplier” status for exceptional data quality.

To meet the increasing information needs in the automotive aftermarket, the update period was reduced from quarterly updates to a month and then to a week. With Instant Data Processing (IDP), data suppliers can update their product data in almost real time.

Bernd-Martin Schuh, responsible for ElringKlinger Catalogue Data Management, has been working for 20 years with TecDoc DMM as the data management system for all their catalogueing activities.

“We have a solid, long-standing relationship with the DMM team. I am very interested in every new function DMM offers, and after discussions about IDP, we made the decision to participate in the pilot. We already update the catalogue data on a weekly basis. IDP will be beneficial when it comes to filling in missing information, updating documents and resolving customer complaints on the spot,” he explains.

Worldwide updates within seconds
The automotive aftermarket is a highly competitive and fast-moving market. The IDP interface makes it possible to update TecDoc data in almost real time, thus increasing flexibility and shortening the time to market. Schuh is convinced that IDP will help ElringKlinger to meet the growing information needs of their customers around the world.

“We are customer-centric. Our focus is a much faster data transfer to the customer as weekly updates are not sufficient for some customers. They would like to see new information (i.e. new linkages, new articles) or corrections straight away via IDP. We work with different regions: Europe, South America, Africa and Asia – immediate response to customer needs with accurate, comprehensive, real-time data is vital for us”, he says.

Easy switch to the technology of the future
IDP is an API, i.e. an interface with which parts manufacturers can establish a direct connection to the TecDoc data centre. They can validate and distribute their data immediately and in almost real time – anywhere in the world. With the new interface, data suppliers can also deliver single updates and net changes independent of rigid schedules. The updated data is integrated and published in all the catalogues, shops and web services that are connected to IDP or receive the regular data packages.

The introduction of the IDP functionalities in the DMM system went quickly and smoothly and Schuh is very satisfied with the pilot phase.

“The implementation was quite simple so that no extra IT support was required. We installed DMM with IDP functionality at the end of June 2021 and are now working with Beta Version 6.2.1. I can say that IDP is easy to use”, says Schuh and is convinced: “DMM with IDP will become a tool for daily use in our regular business. We are looking forward to the next steps with this product!”

IDP will be available to all TecAlliance customers worldwide. More information about IDP is available at