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Elcome’s Xchecker hailed as ‘single source of truth’ by industry

Date: Sunday 24 March 2024

Automotive data and cataloguing specialist, Elcome’s Xchecker platform has been praised as a ‘single source of truth’ by leading parts supplier, First Line. This highlights Xchecker’s position as a trusted tool for cataloguing and application data authoring within the industry.

​First Line, a premier supplier of premium quality automotive components, has lauded Xchecker for its ability to provide a comprehensive catalogue system that serves as a reliable source of accurate data. The platform enables First Line to effectively analyse its extensive catalogue data, identify potential gaps and maintain high quality data standards, providing more prominence through better parts exposure resulting in greater opportunity for increased sales.

​Kelvin Olds, IT, Product & Marketing Director at First Line said: "Elcome provides us with a catalogue system that offers a 'single source of truth'. Their tools allow us to analyse our extensive catalogue data and assist in identifying potential range and vehicle application gaps. We can output our catalogue data from a centralised location to all the various industry standard applications such as MAM and TecDoc, and it also helps in identifying and rectifying any potential issues.

​“We have always found the Elcome team very knowledgeable and always willing to assist and discuss new ideas with us to ensure we are getting the most from the partnership.”

​Xchecker’s comprehensive features empower automotive companies like First Line to maintain accurate and up-to-date catalogue information, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in their operations.

By offering a central platform for catalogue management and data analysis, Xchecker enables businesses to make informed decisions and enhance their competitiveness in the market.

​"We are delighted to receive such positive feedback from First Line regarding our Xchecker platform," comments Oliver Haywood, Head of Sales & Marketing at Elcome. "We are committed to providing innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of the automotive aftermarket industry. Xchecker’s recognition as a ‘single source of truth’ reaffirms our dedication to delivering value and excellence to our customers."

​With Xchecker, automotive companies can easily manage and author accurate and consistent data to multiple market channels including data standards MAM, TecDoc and ACES, as well as online marketplaces and a company’s own eCat system.

​Haywood adds: “Correct cataloguing can offer businesses a competitive advantage - and good product data management also means business are best placed to make effective decisions and identify trends within their organisation.”

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