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Ecobat Battery to demonstrate a wealth of power storage solutions

Date: Friday 06 October 2023

Ecobat Battery will be using the Motorhome & Caravan Show at NEC Birmingham, to present visitors with a wide range of batteries and charging options that can further improve the performance and capacity of their current power storage solution, and enable them to spend more time to enjoy their leisure time and enhance their life style.

From its stand in hall 12 (12.97), and alongside many familiar products from brands such as Lucas, Exide, VARTA, Numax, Ecobat Battery will also be showcasing its comprehensive lithium battery range, with premium quality products from prominent names like Pylontech and Optima, as well as its very own Ecobat Lithium offering.

In addition to batteries, whether traditional or lithium, Ecobat Battery will also be allowing visitors to get familiar with another product, which in some circumstances can provide them with a more suitable solution, and that is a portable power storage (PPS) device.

In the forefront of PPS technology is EcoFlow, an innovative specialist that has a wide range of products that offer an alternative power storage solution. Three key advantages with a PPS device are: they are an all in one solution with AC and DC power sockets and USB ports built in, they are easy to charge through a simple charging port and they are easy to move from one place to another as they come with comfortable carrying handles or built in wheels on larger versions. Due to the sometimes limited space available in the typical motorhome or caravan, it will be the Delta2 and River2 products that will be the primary focus during the event, although the entire range is available through Ecobat Battery and its national distributors.

Whatever the means of power storage motorhome or caravan enthusiasts employ, effective charging, whether from solar or the grid, is an equal priority, which is why, as a complete power storage expert, Ecobat Battery also has a solution for this important aspect of the leisure experience.

Whether going on a short trip or embarking on a grand tour, reliable power is a necessity to fully enjoy the adventure. With Victron, another brand within the Ecobat Battery portfolio, it’s possible to go beyond simple reliability however, and adopt an intelligent power grid system that can adapt to any challenge that may be encountered. So, the company will also be exhibiting a number of system configurations to allow visitors to see what is possible and define the best option for their needs.

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