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Don’t neglect cabin filter replacement: A year-round vehicle imperative, says First Line Ltd.

Date: Wednesday 07 February 2024

In the ever-changing world of vehicle maintenance, First Line Ltd. spotlights a critical, yet frequently overlooked component: the cabin filter. Operating under its esteemed Borg & Beck brand, First Line underscores the cabin filter's vital role in both vehicle performance and passenger health across all seasons.

Kelvin Olds, Product Director at First Line Ltd., emphasises the increasing recognition of cabin filters' significance: “Air and cabin filters are unsung heroes, safeguarding drivers and passengers from diverse pollutants and allergens. Timely replacement is a dual investment in vehicle health and occupant well-being,” he asserts.

With the onset of spring, post-winter, First Line strongly recommends the annual renewal of cabin filters. Neglecting this can impair visibility due to fogged-up windows and jeopardise in-vehicle air quality, posing health risks.

Olds elaborates on the seasonal challenges cabin filters face: “Each season brings unique demands – from trapping spring pollen to combatting winter moisture. Our filters work tirelessly to ensure a pristine, healthy cabin atmosphere,” he notes.

Along with filtering air coming in, it also helps reduce the dust build up in the vehicle and minimises the effects of window misting, especially in the cooler months.

The majority of manufacturers’ schedules advise that if present, the cabin filter is replaced every service, or every year, whichever comes first. It is therefore essential that this is understood and able to be communicated effectively to the driver, as they may not even know there is one installed on the vehicle.

In keeping with company policy, the entire Borg & Beck filters range is manufactured to exacting standards and undergoes stringent quality control and testing to ensure the consistency of performance that is expected with a premium product.

All filters are constructed using high-quality resilient materials and premium quality filter paper is specifically selected against each application for ultimate filtration.

For sustained vehicle performance and passenger health safeguarding, adhering to the manufacturer’s cabin filter replacement schedule, or at least an annual change, is not just recommended, it’s imperative.