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Diesel Technic Product Portrait: 6.96210 Lock cylinder kit, with transponder

Date: Monday 05 September 2022

Lock cylinders are used to actuate the lock system exclusively through means of a suitable counterpart.

The lock system can be used to start the vehicle as well as, among other things, to lock and unlock the fuel tank cap, the glove compartment and even the vehicle itself. This last function can also be operated by remote control. Thanks to the radio remote control, it can be triggered from a distance of up to 100m without contact between the key and the vehicle.

The key consists of a key blade and a key head. The radio remote control for the central locking system and the transponder, which gives the immobilizer the start release for the engine, are located in the key head.

Hints & tips:

First disconnect the battery to avoid the risk of injury from an electric shock.

Then remove the covers and disconnect all electrical connections. It is also important to ensure that the connector cables are not damaged.

When the new lock is installed, make sure to reinstall the parts that have been removed in the reverse order of removal.

Product link: 6.96210