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Diesel Technic Product Portrait: 5.14012 Center bearing

Date: Monday 01 November 2021

The cardan shaft has universal joints and transmits the driving power from the gearbox to the differential of the drive axle or to the wheels. Through the universal joints, the rotary motions can be diverted in different directions, so that the gearbox and axle are movable and not connected to each other rigidly and without suspension.

To prevent the shaft from sagging along its length, a centre bearing is installed to stabilise the cardan shaft. The centre bearing is a roller bearing, often embedded in rubber to dampen vibrations, through which the shaft is inserted.

Hints & tips:
During disassembly, the position according to the manufacturer’s instructions should be observed, otherwise imbalances can occur during subsequent installation.

Before installation, all parts must be cleaned of corrosion residues, dust and dirt. Joints must be smeared with grease. After installation, a functional test must be carried out.